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Organic or biodynamic wine


La Nana - 2019 - Jacques Perritaz

Cidrerie du Vulcain

A nose with notes of white and exotic fruits, with aromas of pineapple... Palate: just the right balance between acidity and sweetness, a dry cider that we could enjoy from aperitif to the end of the night…

75 cl
Original features
Organic wine
Degree of alcohol
6 %
To drink from
2022 to 2025

VAT included

The first vintage for this cuvée, produced from the Reinette Ananas variety (l’ananas means pineapple in French, which also sounds like the French slang word for chick/girl – nana – thus the name on the bottle!), from a young orchard planted by Jacques in the municipality of Rue in the canton of Fribourg. The apples are picked by hand, followed by partial fermentation with indigenous yeasts and a very light filtration to attain the desired amount of residual sugar. Secondary fermentation in the bottle, and zero sulphur!

Jacques Perritaz

Jacques Perritaz

Jacques Perritaz, a biologist by training, was on a research trip the day he uncovered the little-known – if not forgotten – fruit cultivating heritage of the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. The discovery inspired him to start a new mission – to revitalise the canton’s artisanal fruit traditions and promote the lasting preservation of its landscape and varietal heritage. His first trials...

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