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Rhum Estador Blanc - Distillerie Bows

Nose: Freshly pressed cane juice. Palate: round, greedy, sugar, candied fruits, spicy, fine notes of liquorice, balanced and structured length.

70 cl
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Estador White Rum of Molasses - 45%.

Distillerie Bows - Montauban. Benoit Gargia talks about it : Passionate is the key word.

My previous job as a climatic engineering technician consisted in managing fluids on energy production units, so it became obvious to me: why shouldn't I manage a distilled "fluids" management installation? The project having matured several years, my technical knowledge associated with my passion for arts, and concerned with the respect of the environment, I realize products respectful of the environment without treatments, the most endemic possible, in order to consume more healthily. I had to find a place adapted to the project. I built my distillery myself, from the floor to the creation of the label, the logo, the design and the technical characteristics of my unique potstill, which gives my distillates subtle flavors. The careful choice of my raw materials (seeds, bottles without heavy metals...) and my taste for the perfect work are felt in a distillate of premium quality and unique in its kind.