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Nath - 2021 - Brasserie Cantillon

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CANTILLON!! The rarest and most wanted brewery in the world, an organic and unique beer!

75 cl
Degree of alcohol
5,5 %
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The Lambics of the Cantillon Brewery are called « young » after one year of aging and reach their full maturity after three years. The young beers contain the natural sugars necessary for the secondary fermentation in the bottle. The three years old beers bring their bouquet and their finesse. Bottles on the 17th of June, 2021.

Nath is the result of the maceration of rhubarb in two years old Lambic. Spontaneous fermentation, naturally refermented in the bottle. When astringency meets acidity...

Nath is the name of the brewer's wife, a teacher, here represented by a pre-school drawing.

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