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Château Lamery

Sémillant - 2018 - Jacques Broustet

This cuvée is Jacques in all his elegance, christening his wine with an old French word – “Sémillant”, meaning Lively and Gay... And it certainly is. A real success, it’s surprising, dry, fruity and very, very lovely. It’s the perfect white wine for an aperitif!

75 cl
Original features
Vin de France
Degree of alcohol
13 %
To drink from
2020 to 2028

VAT included

100% Sémilion cuvée. This great 3-hectare garden is farmed biodynamically, and the grapes are picked by hand, with meticulous sorting in the vineyard. Jacques is a member of the French association of natural wines (AVN). Jacques vinifies his wines "autrement” – different from the rest – and the concept of non-interventionism here is taken to new heights: zero chemical additives, no topping-up of barrels, no fining, no filtration, no new oak (matured in vats)… "Nothing, and I mean nothing"… which in this case means, his are wines that surprise you every time. And all the more so with this cuvée, matured 15 months in old barrels.

Jacques Broustet

Jacques Broustet

Jacques Broustet lives in Saint Pierre d'Aurillac, just outside of Sauternes country. His estate is built on a human scale, just three hectares. Vines that he inherited from his father in 2000, when Jacques ended his IT career in Bordeaux. The father and son are still neighbours, but the former likes the grass between the rows well trimmed and the space around clean and clear, whereas...

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