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Anne Cécile Jadaud

Anne-Cécile Jadaud, a name that probably strikes your attention, since you may already know her through the Domaine Perrault-Jadaud wines in Vouvray, which she vinifies with her partner Tanguy Perrault. Because of its location, the estate obviously focuses on whites... The desire to make its own wines, and in particular red ones, therefore took root a few years ago for Anne-Cécile. She started with the 2018 vintage, launching her own negotiant activity. With her strong academic knowledge (Anne-Cécile is an oenology teacher at the Amboise wine school, just that!), her experience in the field, her convictions and the work already done at the Estate, she naturally turned to meticulous, organic winegrowers who share the same values. She mainly collaborates with the Domaine de Cambalu in Francueuil. She herself controls the maturities of the three hectares, and organizes the harvest. The juices are clean, delicious, we can only encourage and support her… and drink her wines!

Anne Cécile Jadaud
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