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More than 1000 natural wines, 
from the most conventional to the punkiest!

Treasures-digger, dealer of living wines

Great classics, alternative wines, punk juices.
The best wines delivered at home, it rocks!

Who is Pur Jus?

More than online wine dealers, we are really passionate about natural wine since 2013.
Every week, we make you discover new winemakers, their bottles, and the beautiful story behind.
A focus on natural, a taste of pleasure, rare bottles, and lovely surprises with your wines!
Join the JUS’tos community, we are waiting for you!
Teg and the team Pur Jus

Organic wine, biodynamic wine, sulfite-free wines.

A natural wine is an unadulterated wine, as clean as possible, made in rhythm with nature.
Our selection is rigorous: organic wine without chemicals in vines, but above all natural wine, without additives during the vinification.
We offer you pure juices (or “pur jus” in French), that unveil the character of a terroir, grape varieties and personality of men and women who made it.

Don’t waste any drop!

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Miguel Borges

What a nice experience. From the website to the delivery box and the nice little goodies. The prices are fair, they work hard to make your order asap. Free shipping in Europe for exactly 16 bottles. You can feel the love they make in every order! We highl

Mihai Gurei

Great online shops and service. Swift delivery in very good quality packaging. Decent delivery fees compared with other similar shops.

Niclas J

Exceptional experience. We ordered wines from France many times, but this has been the most lean process and pleasant experience! Somehow, you can feel the desire and love for natural wines!

Kathryn Genereux

Couldn’t recommend more highly! Impeccable service from friendly, knowledgeable staff. Thoughtful recommendations, excellent selection, beautiful space and generous in showing us around. English speaking, cafe offered while they boxed our wines, brilliant