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organic or biodynamic wines

Organic farming is subject to precise specifications. These do not allow the use of fertilizers, synthetic plant protection products and chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc.). Winegrowers producing “organic wine” do everything they can to reinforce the natural defences of the vine, so as to minimize the need for treatments. However, treatments using sulphur and bouillie bordelaise (made from copper) are usually used to combat the most frequent diseases (mildew and oidium). This vine-tending method takes time: that is why it takes 20 to 30% more labour time to make an organic wine compared to conventional growing.

It takes at least three years to obtain organic certification. During these three years, the vineyard is said to be undergoing organic conversion: it must observe the regulations covering organic products, and is monitored by a certification body which ensures the regulations are observed – but it is not yet considered to be producing "organic wine".

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Overnoy Houillon
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