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Natural Wines or Reasoned Sulphites

Conventional wine production uses sulfites. This food additive prevents oxidation of the wine, acts as an antiseptic to combat the development of harmful yeasts, and halts fermentation. In general, it allows the wine to be kept longer.

It is not all that easy to produce wine without sulfites, but in general, increasing numbers of wines using very small amounts of sulfites are to be found. There are only a very few wines without any "added" sulfites (in this respect, it is worth pointing out that the yeast in the grape and the wine will always naturally produce small quantities of sulfites, so there is no such thing as an absolutely sulfite-free wine – just wines "without added sulfites"). These wines are generally fruitier, livelier, and mature more freely. They are also easier to digest. They are usually drunk younger than ordinary wines, but there is no general rule: depending on the producer and the wine-making process, some can even age better than ordinary wines. One thing is sure – they will not leave inquisitive wine-lovers indifferent!

Overnoy Houillon
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