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Le Vin en Question - Jules Chauvet

Here is the complete text of an interview of Jules Chauvet conducted in 1981 by the Swiss winemaker Hans Ulrich Kesselring

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The transcript of this exchange was published in the form of a written dialogue for the first time in 1998 by publisher Jean-Paul Rocher. This book being no longer available, the present volume constitutes a new edition and the first in the “ Jules Chauvet ” collection launched by Les éditions de l’Épure / Marie Rocher, to ensure that the ideas of Jules Chauvet - which have already inspired numerous winemakers, oenologists, scientists, and more - may continue to be read, to be known and to pose us questions.

Année de parution : 2018

Editeur : Les Editions de l'Epure
Format : 13 x 21.5
Nombre de pages : 132
Poids : 250 grammes

66 pages en Français et en Anglais