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Cognac For Cigar - A.E DOR

This Cognac combines finesse with a full-bodied character that highlights the aromatic scents brought by the cigar while integrating with it. It has been deliberately kept in new barrels, contrary to the usual practice (Cognacs of this age are usually kept in « red » barrels). The new oak brings a slight excess of « wood » which, combined with a higher degree, offers a perfect Cognac to demanding amateurs.

70 cl
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Created in 1858 by Jean Baptiste DOR, it was his son Amédée Edouard DOR who gave the House of A.E DOR its letters of nobility in 1889. He started and original and meticulous work that he carried out during his whole life. His passion: high quality Cognacs. With a tenacious will, he searches, chooses and collects the best cognacs and the best eaux-de-vie. At that time, professionals called him « the Cognac antique dealer ». After having aged in oak barrels for decades (70 years and more), without any additional blending or inputs, some of these venerable eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, the first growth of Cognac, were carefully collected at the fullness of their aroma in Dames-Jeannes sealed with wax, in order to preserve and keep them intact.

Today, these glass bottles, enclosing their precious nectars, sleep in a secret cellar called « Paradise », unchanged since its creation, proudly displaying their prestigious vintages. The jewels of this house, an incomparable heritage, grouping together harvests whose origin generally predates the famous phylloxera, i.e. 1874, have kept their precious contents intact for more than a century and have justified the reputation of this company throughout the world. They are the heart of A.E. DOR.