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Gin - Dodd's

Fine nose carried by juniper berries and nutmeg, enhanced with vetiver and geranium, before discovering notes of peppermint which accentuate its spicy and floral profile. Dynamic, unctuous palate, with a lemony, floral finish, which has a smoky hint. Sublime length. To be served on the rocks with lemon, with a tonic, or for a Negroni.

50 cl
Degree of alcohol
49.9 %
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A British organic gin produced by the blending of two distillations: one in a small 140-liter copper pot still, and the other in a state-of-the-art cold vacuum still. That way, the botanical plants can fully express their potential: juniper berries, bay leaf, cardamom spice, red raspberry leaf, citrus and honey. The two spirits are married for several weeks before being bottled without added sugars or flavors, this is a London Dry gin.

Dodd's gins are a tribute to Ralph Dodd, an engineer and entrepreneur who envisioned The London Distillery Company in 1807, to provide the public with Genuine British spirits. Unfortunately, the distillery was only small at the time, and it is more than 200 years later that it will be reborn from its ashes. Reimagined in 2011, and located in the heart of London, the distillery produces high quality craft spirits, sourcing organic botanicals from all over the world, in order to create original alchemies, for a classic, almost nostalgic gin that recover the codes of yesteryear; and a resolutely modern gin that takes you far away from the London fog.