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Lab Distillery Organic Gin - Mackmyra

With notes of juniper berries, coriander, lemon peel, elderflower and a subtle touch of exotic fruits, mango and pineapple. The palate shows a great freshness, the slight bitterness is precisely dosed and perfectly balanced by the acidity. A fresh gin, both classic and modern, designed to be enjoyed in cocktails and dry martinis. A bottle that will save you a lot of aperitifs!

Degree of alcohol
40 %
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An organic Swedish gin produced in Gävle, 200 km North of Stockholm, from distillation in a traditional copper pot still. All the botanicals and aromatic plants come from Swedish terroir, wild-picked or organically grown. This is a London dry gin, with no sugars or other flavorings added after distillation.

Lab+ Distillery is the "little sister" of Mackmyra, a Swedish distillery created in 2002 which produced whiskeys until 2011, before moving the stills to a new building, the Gravity Distillery. In 2017, the original distillery, where it all began, was brought back into service under the name of Lab+ Distillery, this time not for the production of whiskeys, but of gins and other spirits designed in collaboration with Master Blenders. Today, Lab+ Distillery produces modern, innovative spirits, in a sincere, embodied ecological and local approach. Organic spirits highly valued by casual drinkers and gin aficionados alike.