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Islay Dry Gin - The Botanist

This artisan gin from the Bruichladdich distillery on Islay is produced in small batches. It is made of 31 different botanicals, the 9 classic gin aromatics and 22 others harvested on the island. Nose: fruity, floral, spicy. Palate: fresh, citrus-driven, concentrated finish.

70 cl
Degree of alcohol
46 %
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THE BOTANIST: like Islay, its terroir, The Botanist is made from 22 island plants that have grown wild on the windswept hills, sheltered by peat bogs and spray-washed coastal paths. It is distilled in a unique still specially created by Jim McEwan, a true distillation adventurer. He modified a Lomond still to distill it three times longer than whisky, and at very low pressure. Baptised "Ugly Betty", its toasting is initially delicate, so much so that its temperature is checked with the palm of the hand. The 9 essential components of Gin are placed in the body of the still and macerated for 12 hours. The steam pressure then rises to boiling point, and only the purest, lightest vapors filter through, impregnated with the 22 aromatic Gin botanicals that Jim has placed in a container inserted in the neck of "Betty".