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Mantuano - Rum Diplomatico

A concentrated nose, with notes of prune, cigar, caramel. Round and seductive palate, tannic, beautiful aromatic richness on stewed fruits notes. Persistent, fruity and spicy finish. A balanced rum suitable for mixology, which can also be enjoyed on the rocks.

70 cl
Degree of alcohol
40 %
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Venezuelan rum, blend of 60% molasses rum distilled in a column still (Coffey still), and 40% cane honey distilled in a copper pot still. On the one hand, cane honey is the result of about three days of slow, gentle and continuous heating of the juice from the first cane press, at the end of which a syrup concentrated in sugar is obtained. It is diluted with water before fermentation. On the other hand, molasses is the residue from the production of cane sugar, a dark liquid, concentrated in sugars and aromas. The honey and molasses are fermented before going through the distillations, and the rum is aged for up to eight years in American oak barrels, which are ex-bourbon and whiskey barrels. Blending of the barrels for a perfectly balanced result. Bottle sold with its canister.

Is it really necessary to present you Diplomatico? A true spearhead of New World rums, this Venezuelan distillery established in 1959 west of Caracas, at the foot of the Andes Cordillera, is planted in a setting of sugar cane. An ideal microclimate for growing cane and aging rum. Crowned best master rum maker in the world in 2014, Tito Cordero is the current master distiller of Diplomatico. In addition, all of the brand's rums are produced according to the strict rules of the Denominacion de Origen of Venezuela. Today, their spirits can be found all around the globe, and continue to take us on a journey through tastings and glasses. Indeed, their quality of Spanish tradition rums, whose distillation, aging and blending are meticulously thought out continue to win many prizes, and its range contains real treasures.