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Jacques Broustet

Jacques Broustet lives in Saint Pierre d'Aurillac, just outside of Sauternes country. His estate is built on a human scale, just three hectares. Vines that he inherited from his father in 2000, when Jacques ended his IT career in Bordeaux. The father and son are still neighbours, but the former likes the grass between the rows well trimmed and the space around clean and clear, whereas Jacques, a proponent of biodynamics, likes tall, wild grasses in the vineyards, and abundant biodiversity all around... A trench war, with a soft-hearted face. Jacques is somewhere between a vigneron and a gardener enjoying his retirement, but with high expectations for himself and his wine. His approach is maverick to say the least, sometimes criticized, but the result, when he manages to bring his ideas to fruition, is stunning. For example: Jacques never opens his barrels during the maturation period, he never even tastes it... As a result: 2013 was never bottled, and there was little of 2014. Difficult setbacks for the vigneron. Jacques, who long ago abandoned all chemicals and pesticides from his vines, has decided to make wine autrement – differently from the rest, and as naturally as possible. And so it was that he named his cuvée AUTREMENT.

Jacques Broustet



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