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Valentin Morel

Valentin Morel was a government officer in a French prefecture in 2014 when, in rather dramatic fashion, he left his post… and returned home to reconnect with his family’s farming roots. He took over the 6-hectare estate of his father Jean-Luc Morel, who spent more than 30 years passionately working these vines, planted around the village of Poligny in the heart of Jura. It was his readings, including books such as Matthew B. Crawford’s Shop Class as Soulcraft– “an inquiry into the value of work” – which had finally led Valentin to his radical decision. And it was then the writings of Rudolf Steiner that instilled in Morel the desire to work both his body and mind as he took over the estate, by methodically converting it over to biodynamics. Yes, this is a vigneron who asks the right questions, who’s as sensitive as he is thoughtful, and – as we’re reminded by his chosen estate name,Les Pieds sur Terre– a young man who keeps his feet firmly on the ground!

Valentin Morel



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