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Jacques Perritaz

Jacques Perritaz, a biologist by training, was on a research trip the day he uncovered the little-known – if not forgotten – fruit cultivating heritage of the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. The discovery inspired him to start a new mission – to revitalise the canton’s artisanal fruit traditions and promote the lasting preservation of its landscape and varietal heritage. His first trials began in 2000, in parallel with his work as a biologist, with the purchase of a press and fruit from his neighbours, leading to the distribution of his first bottles of apple juice to friends... But Perritaz’s experiments soon took a sparkling turn! After years of trials and exchanges with other producers, notably with Eric Bordelet in Normandy, this self-trained pomologist finally left his career in 2013 to dedicate himself to cider growing. Ever the scientist, his approach in the orchard and in the bottle remains inquisitive and experimental, yet also exceedingly precise. Today, this wine lover produces cuvées to rival great champagne.

Jacques Perritaz
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Cidrerie du Vulcain
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A brut cider with notes of iodine, white flowers and dried apple. Palate: a dry cider with huge tension, remarkable acidity and salinity. As a whole this is some very complex juice, delivering unbelievable aromas during retro-olfaction, and beautiful bitter notes. For true cider adventurers.

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