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Stéphane Morin

Stéphane Morin is a photographer in the Pyrénées-Orientales department who took up the challenge of making his own wine. As a neo-vigneron, Stéphane underwent viticultural training in 2005 in Rivesaltes, where he would make an important acquaintance: that of Jean François Nick. Through him, Morin discovered natural wine... Quickly, this former photographer with a sensitive eye became increasingly drawn to this method of viticulture, which seemed only natural to him. He acquired Domaine Léonine, then run by old-timer using ancestral farming methods... a lucky break, for the man didn’t treat his vines with chemicals. Stéphane’s estate is planted with Grenache varietals – Noir, Blanc, Gris – beautiful vines, deeply rooted, which bring great minerality and freshness to his wines. Yet another 100% natural estate in the Languedoc. Try a bottle and you’ll be back for more… in a flash!
Stéphane Morin