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Binet & Jacquet

Olivier Binet and Pierre Jacquet settled in Faugères in 1999 to found their 9-hectare estate, but only seven years later did they finally decide they were ready to release their first bottles! Such is the degree of patience and rigour that defines these two men. Over time, they divided their estate into 17 individual parcels, all of which they naturally vinify separately, to then produce three distinctive cuvées with extraordinary prices for this level of quality. This talented duo organises their work in the vineyard and winery alike according to the lunar calendar (bottling on fruit days, etc.) and like many others, they only add a pinch of sulphur to the wine at bottling! With their three cuvées, they offer wines that quench your thirst (the Faugères), that are big on pleasure but light on your pocketbook (the Réserve), and that satisfy your desire for complexity and depth (the Grande Réserve)... What else can we say? This pair of phenomenal winegrowers encapsulates everything Cave Pur Jus is about!

Binet & Jacquet
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