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Bertrand Gautherot

Hélène and Bertrand Gautherot, two natural winemakers in Champagne, are the owners of Vouette & Sorbée, named after the estate’s two main vineyards. Their story begins in the 1990s, when between 1993 and 1999, they weren’t even making wine, but producing organic grapes which they sold to the local wine co-op. Yet the quality of those grapes was anything but ordinary, and that wouldn’t go long unnoticed. It was Monsieur Selosse himself who would encourage them to start producing their own champagne in 1999 – the same year their 5-hectare estate was certified biodynamic by Demeter. They would bring the same uncompromising spirit into the winery – no chaptalisation, no filtration, no fining, only indigenous yeasts, minimal sulphites… but above all, two critical decisions define Vouette: no blending (only mono-varietal cuvées) and zero dosage, meaning no liqueur de dosage is added after the bottles are discharged. The result is thus a pure, precise, and by definition, extra brut champagne – and unfortunately, a very rare one. Bertrand handles every one of his 20 to 25000 bottles they produce each year.  (Sold off-line)

Bertrand Gautherot



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