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Louis-Antoine Luyt

Louis-Antoine Luyt was born in the Breton coastal city of Malouin some forty years ago. Following a handful of formative viticultural experiences alongside the likes of Philippe Pacalet and Marcel Lapierre, he finally moved to Chili, and settled in Cauquenès, a province in the region of Maule, 400 km south of Santiago de Chile. In 2006, he produced his first wines and introduced the grape variety Païs to the “Mondovino”. The Pacific Ocean and the Andean Cordillera have for centuries protected this world of peasant viticulture and its varietal diversity from the ravages of phylloxera. Louis-Antoine’s cuvées from Païs are produced from vines aged between 180 and 300 years old! In February 2010, when an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale caused the death of 521 people, Louis-Antoine found himself trapped under rubble for fifteen long minutes. And it was precisely during this horrible quarter of an hour in the dark that he decided to stop using sulphites in his wines. The will to survive, and the international solidarity that followed the event, led to the creation of wines which proved to be even more precise, fluid and enjoyable. Adventurous and determined, Louis Antoine is another in a long line of purebred, trailblazing Breton exiles.

Louis-Antoine Luyt
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