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Paul Gillet

Paul Gillet was born into a family of Alsatian winegrowers. In 1998, he’d make his debut in the wine world as a wine merchant. In 2002, his discovery of natural wines, especially those of Bruno Schueller, would leave a lasting impression, eventually changing his destiny. But Paul wouldn’t dive into the vineyard immediately; his attraction for South America led him to open a brasserie in Buenos Aires in 2007. There, Paul would promote Argentinean vignerons who shared his affection for natural winemaking. It was the arrival of the third Gillet hatchling that finally brought the family back to the storks’ nest. He returned to Alsace for training, obtained his degree in winegrowing and production, and landed an internship with... Bruno Schueller. There he would remain for an additional 6 months after his training. Finally, in January 2013 Paul was pruning the vines of Michel Augé when the latter offered him to take over the estate. It all happened in a flash, and by September 2013, Paul was the new owner of Maisons Brûlées. An 8-hectare estate certified organic and biodynamic by Ecocert and Demeter, where ever since he and his wife Corinne have been producing sulphur-free natural wines.

Paul Gillet



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