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Venezia Negroni - Travellers Cocktails

Nose: citrus with herbaceous notes, with a touch of gentian. Palate: well-balanced bitterness thanks to bloody orange notes. Finish; fresh on citrus notes and and aromatic plants.

50 cl
Degree of alcohol
25 %
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Nikka Coffey Gin, Vermouth Del Professore Rosso, Bitter Del Professore and Bitter Scrappy’s Orange. If the Negroni recipe, born in 1919 in Caffè Casoni in Firenze, may seem simple, it’s in reality particularly demanding, especially concerning the choice of ingredients. Conceived for the count Camillo Negroni, huge fan of Americano, which wanted a more full-bodied version of his favourite cocktail, it seduces thanks to its high complexity and his great bitterness. About the Negroni Travellers Cocktails, remarkably well-balanced, it easily imposes itself for being one of the greatest aperitif cocktails.

Enjoying a true mixologist cocktail from your home is now possible thanks to Travellers Cocktails. Launched in 2021 in collaboration with Experimental Group, an icon in the cosmopolitan world of mixology, Travellers Cocktails offers a new definition of bottled cocktails: each recipe, exclusively made with spirits from La Maison du Whisky, openly shows his ingredients. Only proportions are kept secret, to preserve the character of these creations to taste at home.