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Du Marc dans les Veines - 2020 - Vincent Marie

No Control

In the words of Vincent: "It's the perfect after dinner drink, imagine Auvergne’s version of Croibleu pine sap candy, minty fresh straight from Volvic! No residual sugars, a spirit to be enjoyed chilled! Limited edition - 50 ml bottle

50 cl
Degree of alcohol
40 %

VAT included

An eau de vie or grape spirit resulting from the double distillation of the marc and the lees of the estate’s wine, yielding a transparent alcohol, in which we macerate lemon verbena, spearmint and peppermint for 48 hours.

Vincent Marie

Vincent Marie

Vincent Marie participated in the creation of an annual natural wine fair in Caen, and over the years, the meetings he’d have there with winemakers such as Claude Courtois would eventually instil in him a desire to make wine himself. Vincent would head to Alsace and earn a diploma in viticulture and oenology in 2012, taking part along the way in internships overseen by Patrick Meyer and...

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