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Vincent Marie

Vincent Marie participated in the creation of an annual natural wine fair in Caen, and over the years, the meetings he’d have there with winemakers such as Claude Courtois would eventually instil in him a desire to make wine himself. Vincent would head to Alsace and earn a diploma in viticulture and oenology in 2012, taking part along the way in internships overseen by Patrick Meyer and Bruno Schueller – a man who has taken young winemakers under his wing (Gillet, Kagami...). The same year, Vincent located 1.4 ha of vines in Auvergne he could acquire. Auvergne you ask? Patrick Bouju’s delectable juice was among the wines that most influenced Vincent, and ever since he’d told himself that he’d make wine there one day. In 2015, he raised his total holdings to 5 ha by renting Domaine Sous-Tournoël, a noble estate in a region more famous for its bottled ‘eau mineral’. So if anyone says, “You’d be better off drinking water,” with this you can respond, “I couldn’t be closer to Volvic!”

Vincent Marie



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