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Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio - Brasserie Cantillon

CANTILLON!! The rarest and most wanted brewery in the world, an organic and unique beer!

75 cl
Degree of alcohol
5,5 %

VAT included

The Lambics of the Cantillon Brewery are called « young » after one year of aging and reach their full maturity after three years. The young beers contain the natural sugars necessary for the secondary fermentation in the bottle. The three years old beers bring their bouquet and their finesse.

Gueuze is the result of a complex mixture of Lambics of different tastes and ages, preserved in oak barrels. The most important role of the brewer is gustatory. He will have to taste about ten lambics coming from different barrels to finally select five or six. This is how the 100% Lambic Gueuze is made, carrying the original character of the Cantillon Brewery beers. Each blending vat will give birth to a different Gueuze. The natural elements at Cantillon's disposal do not allow the production of a "standard" product.