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Whisky Eddu Tourbé - Distillerie Des Menhirs

First nose on floral and fruity notes, that quickly evolves towards dark chocolate and a subtle smoky backbone. Luscious palate, almost oily, with aromas of pear and smoked oak. Long finish with a hint of vegetal, the peat adds complexity to the whisky without masking the flavors of buckwheat whisky. A modern, balanced spirit that will delight all peated whiskey lovers.

70 cl
Degree of alcohol
43 %
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A peated whisky produced from buckwheat grown in Brittany, North West of France, that is brewed then distilled in a traditional 25 hectoliter copper still, by double distillation. Three years of aging in French oak barrels, ex-Cognac barrels ; then two years in casks that have seen Scottish peated whisky. Slow and gradual reduction with spring water from Port-Menhir. Bottled at the Distillerie des Menhirs, everything is done in the cellars in Plomelin, according to the rules of the "Brittany Whisky” appellation. Limited edition of 480 bottles.

The Distillerie des Menhirs, which produces Eddu (buckwheat in Breton) whiskey, is a family story spanning five generations, that of the Le Lay family, who traveled from village to village to distil cider and extract the eau-de-vie commonly known as lambig. From 1921 to 1986, the Le Lays perpetuated the tradition of traveling distillers, and it was Guy Le Lay who really launched the Distillerie des Menhirs in 1986, after leaving his position as a maths teacher. First driven by an activity centered around the apple, Guy Le Lay launched the world's first buckwheat whiskey in 2002, after ten years of research. Today, the family distillery draws its inspiration from its Breton roots, it is anchored in its terroir which is embodied in its spirits, and which today conquers the international market.