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Marcel Richaud

Marcel Richaud, undisputed leader of natural wine in the Rhône, is based in Cairanne, an emblematic appellation where his estate is the emblematic estate of the appellation! The vast estate is composed of 60 hectares and yet, in the vineyard like in the cellar, the work is very, very rigorous. Long gone is the era when the Richauds would deliver their juice to the local co-op. Marcel built this vast estate with patience, starting with 3 hectares on the superb terroir known as l'Ebrescade in 1987. Certain encounters would have a strong influence on his style, notably one with Marcel Lapierre. The estate is certified organic, all 60 hectares are harvested by hand by a team of 30 people. The yields are sensible: around 30 to 35 hl/ha. The wines are very often made without sulphur, naturally, without chemistry, and only certain cuvées will receive a homeopathic dose of sulphur at bottling. No filtration, no fining, the wines are kept in cellar until stabilised. Marcel has his children working alongside him today, to eventually pass on this jewel to the next generation. The man owes everything to the very nature of Cairanne, and Cairanne owes a lot to Marcel.
Marcel Richaud



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