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Eric Pfifferling

Eric Pfifferling planted his flag some years ago in Tavel, where this former apiculturist (a beekeeper) set out to rehabilitate the image of this wine once adored by kings and popes. Yes, it’s true; Tavel fell into the trap of producing rosés of myriad dubious hues to please popular demand. Yet Eric would distinguish himself by making Tavels that were almost red, a difference revelatory of the philosophy behind his wines. The 7-hectare estate, made up of parcels mostly planted in poor, rocky soils, is certified organic. Eric broke with accepted practice and rewrote the rules of Tavel, and his wines have become très à la mode, so much that they’re becoming harder and harder to find. Yet Eric never sought renown, or conflict, or revolution. He’ll happily pause at the end of his rows to share a cigarette with the workers from neighbouring estates. Eric is amazed by the success his wines enjoy, he simply continues to quietly carve out his own path, in perfect harmony with himself. In a word, he’s a merry winemaker... a happy'culturist.

Eric Pfifferling



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