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Jean-Charles Abbatucci

Jean-Charles Abbatucci is the man at the head of this historic estate in southern Corsica, in the heart of the Taravo valley. Domaine Comte Abbatucci’s 18 hectares have been cultivated biodynamically since 2000, certified by DEMETER. The environment surrounding its vineyards is exceptional, and it is also why the site was chosen to host the Isle of Beauty’s conservatory of ancient grape varieties. A treasure which the estate exploits marvellously, sublimating its primary grapes but also far rarer white grapes like Barbarossa, Biancone, Brustiano, Rossola Bianca, Paga Debbiti, and such red grapes as Morescola, Morescono, Aleatico, Carcajolo Nera, Montanaccia… This unique ensemble of vines is impeccably cultivated: green cover, hand picking, low yields, preserving indigenous yeasts. The grass between the rows is tended to by a flock of sheep, which grazes in the vineyard all winter. It’s what you’d expect, and even more, from a family that has been winemaking for more than a century.

Jean-Charles Abbatucci
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