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Jérôme François settled in Ostheim in 2014. The young carpenter couldn’t resist the call of the vine and started his estate with a few plots from his grandfather and the barn of his great uncle! Late 2017, Jérôme teamed up with Yann Bury. The guys work their vines biodynamically, and work the soil not with a tractor but with two horses, Sirus and Fastochex. A flock of black Ouessant sheep handle the weeding and add their own organic fertiliser to the soil. The vines are only treated with plant decoctions and medicinal herbs. There are high-density vine plantings in all the parcels, heavy vegetative competition, with individual vine plants replaced each year as needed. For Jérome, this diversity of vine plantings makes each parcel a village with its children, adolescents, adults and elders. Zero additives in the wines, only a pinch of sulphur in those with residual sugar. A young estate with a bright future!

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