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Romain Le Bars

Romain Le Bars is a 34-year-old vigneron today, but not many years ago, none could have predicted his path would lead him to winemaking. Parisian by birth, Romain’s career began when he dropped out of law school to work in the restaurant world. He was happy for a while, but finally he and his wife could no longer handle the frantic rhythm and late hours. One evening, sitting with his father in front of a bottle of Tavel by Domaine de l'Anglore, he had an epiphany: he wanted to know how to make wine! So he headed to Saumur for viticulture training, and got an internship at Château Yvonne. In 2012, he met Eric Pfifferling at a wine fair and told him that he wanted to work for him at l’Anglore – which he did for the next seven years! In 2018, Romain started making his own wine in his garage, then jumped into the deep end and acquired 1.2 ha of AOC Tavel and 10 ha of AOC Lirac and vin de pays. So began a beautiful adventure, and the result already tastes extremely good – no surprise when your teacher is named Pfifferling!

Romain Le Bars
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