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Pascal Amoreau

Pascal Amoreau has inherited quite the daunting legacy – especially since an internationally renowned manga series declared his family’s wine, Château Le Puy, “the drops of God”. The news took the wine world by storm, and soon media from around the globe were descending on this tranquil, ancient château. Yet its wine nothing more, and nothing less, than the result of the eminently simple and logical approach embraced by the Amoreau family, pioneer of “sulphite-free” winemaking. They are also editors of the biodynamics chart ‘Demeter’ and apply agroforestry and permaculture. The fifteenth generation of winemakers, relying on their heritage since 1610, have been honouring their ancestors with cuvées such as: Emilien, Rose-Marie, Marie-Cécile… Today, the reintroduction of old grape varieties, the return of hives and animal traction, the creation of pollination pathways all make an example of dynamism, commitment, and ecology of Le Puy.

Pascal Amoreau
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Sulphites-free wine
Château le Puy
105,00 €

Deep red purple in colour, redolent of ripe fruit, and with beautiful complexity on the palate: this juice is rich, structured, silky, and intense. Indeed, maturation for the Barthélemy cuvée is pushed to another level, and the result merits greater attention and patience.

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