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Pascal Amoreau

Pascal Amoreau has inherited quite the daunting legacy – especially since an internationally renowned manga series declared his family’s wine, Château Le Puy - Côtes de Francs, “the drops of God”. The news took the wine world by storm, and soon media from around the globe were descending on this tranquil, ancient château, property of the Amoreau family for more than 600 years. The famous Japanese manga transformed Château Le Puy into the most sought after wine in Japan but also around the world. Yet this wine is nothing more, and nothing less, than the result of the eminently simple and logical approach embraced by a pioneer of “sulphite-free” winemaking. It was above all in the fermentation that the Le Puy style was born. The wine is vinified in huge cement vats with little terraces near the top which keep the cap immersed, imprisoned under the fermenting wine, which overflows onto these terraces to be cooled down and exposed to oxygen before returning into the vat... a completely natural form of thermoregulation. Theirs are the methods of another age in Bordeaux; here, not only are there no sulphites added, but no chemical fertilisers or weedkillers (the horses keep the grass between the rows in check), no laboratory yeasts, no chaptalisation – in other words, wine like our grandfathers made it.

Pascal Amoreau
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In the purest sense, this wine is the encapsulation of a dream, a moment of philosophy, an invitation to take a voyage... A garnet robe, and a powerful nose of red fruits. A perfectly balanced palate, round and full-bodied, with flesh and length. This wine is ready to be enjoyed today, but also has wonderful potential for ageing. All in a lovely old-style bottle, wide-based and heavy.

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