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Renaud Guettier

Renaud Guettier is a young agro-engineer impassioned by natural wine and in love with the Loire valley. Determined to become a vigneron, he bought his first hectare of vines in 2004 and vinified his own wines for the first time. Since then, the estate as grown and today comprises 4.6 hectares of vines, and not just any: vines with an average age of 70 years old. His Chenin and Pineau d'Aunis are farmed NATURALLY: copper, tisanes, plant decoctions, and, of course, everything done manually. In terms of vinification, Renaud harvests by hand when the grapes are fully ripened, then transports them to the winery by horse. As a member of the über-natural winemakers association, S.A.I.N.S, you could say he’s part of the armed wing of the natural wine movement! That means soft pressings, and long maturation periods, sometimes very long… Nothing is hurried at La Grapperie, Renaud works to achieve the natural stabilisation of his wines, which is why certain cuvées may spend up to 60 months in the barrel. All of his cuvées are very natural, without filtration or added sulphites – true living wines, Sans Aucun Intrant Ni Sulfites (Without Any Additives Or Sulphites).

Renaud Guettier



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