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Adrien et Guillaume Pire

Guillaume Pire was born in Belgium, he grew up in Madagascar. In 1998, the Pire family bought the Château de Fosse-Sèche. After his studies in Switzerland, including time working at the pioneering Rouvinez estate, Guillaume took over the family estate with his brother Adrien. The vineyards were first established 800 years ago, and the Château dates back to the 13th Century; Fosse-Sèche is made up of a 45 continuous hectares, including 17 ha of vines . Around their vines, Guillaume and Adrien have developed a true ecosystem, bringing back bats, replanting trees, flowers and green spaces for generations to come… obviously we’re way beyond organic here. The two brothers are impassioned by their work, and make no concessions. All the Saumur cuvée have been reclassified in Vin de France in order to let a bigger place to their freedom. What’s for certain is that discovering Guillaume and Adrien’s wines is an all-natural shock to the system – in a very good way!

Adrien et Guillaume Pire
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Château de Fosse-Sèche

Arcane, adj.: "mysterious, secret; relating to a Hermetic operation whose secrets are known only to the initiated". It's so good you may well want to keep this wine a secret! A nose with floral, pear and honey notes. Complex, precise, and brimming of energy, with a long, lingering finish.

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