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Piquette Good Name - 2021 - Brendon Keys

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Not wine, piquette! A tribute to the simple wines of old once drunk by peasants in their fields, this refreshing, thirst-quenching, low-alcohol drink boasts notes of citrus, watermelon and tart raspberry. Sip it on a terrace, with a straw! To be chilled upright in the fridge before serving.

75 cl
Original features
Degree of alcohol
3.6 %
To drink from
2023 to 2024

VAT included

IT’S NOT WINE! It’s piquette! But what’s piquette, you say? It's a thirst-quenching, country drink that was once part of everyday French peasant life. Brendon adds spring water to the grape marc leftover after pressing his Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines, and bam! The indigenous yeasts present in the marc and in the cellar start a second fermentation, allowing him to make a naturally sparkling drink with only 3.6% vol. of alcohol. Neither fined nor filtered, and no added sulphur. It’s seriously explosive!

Brendon Keys

Brendon Keys

Brendon Keys may have the look of an overgrown teenage skateboarder, but don’t be fooled – this is a vigneron to be taken seriously! Straight out of New Zealand, Brendon first developed his sensibility as a chef before falling into the barrel... or rather the cement egg – a vessel which he particularly values for the purity and richness it brings to his wines. After studying oenology back in...

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