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Mezcal Doba Yej - Los Siete Misterios

The first nose is carried by very fresh notes of citrus, lime and orange, before revealing baked apple and pear, and a subtle smoky note. Complex, balanced, soft and luscious palate, on citrus, violet and a hint of caramel. Long and floral finish.

70 cl
Degree of alcohol
44 %
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Handcrafted mezcal from Oaxaca state in southwestern Mexico. 100% Agave, specifically the Espadín variety (which can be transalted by Doba-Yej in ancient Zapotec language), mezcal is produced from the heart of the plant which has grown many years before being hand harvested, and is then cooked in wood-roasted conical fire-pits buried in the ground. This is where the smoky notes of mezcal come from. Then, they are grounded in a stone mill pulled by a horse. The extracted pulp and then goes through a double distillation in 250-liter copper pot still. Bottled after resting in vats, this is a young mezcal, “joven” category.

Los Siete Misterios Distillery is an artisanal distillery based in the state of Oaxaca, founded in 2010 by Eduardo and Julio Mestres, following a journey in which the passion, traditions and Mexican roots and culture inspired the spirits that were to be born. Bringing the past to life by integrating it into the present: this is the challenge of Siete Misterios has set for itself, by working hand in hand with the communities of Oaxaca, and by honoring a unique variety of Agave in each of the mezcals. Love and dedication to Mexican culture, concentrated in each bottle.