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Mezcal Artesanal Joven - Los Danzantes

Perfectly balanced nose of cooked agave and a blend of aromatic herbs, carried by a smoky backbone. Palate on citrus fruits, and again the smokiness very characteristic of mezcal. Long finish on spices and beautiful notes of tobacco leaves.

70 cl
Degree of alcohol
47 %
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Los Danzantes is an artisanal Mexican distillery, which started in 1996 in Gustavo and Jaime Muñoz’s hearts, twin brothers, who fell in love with mezcal during a trip to Oaxaca, accompanied by oenologist Hugo d'Acosta. They find "the liquid ancestry of the earth", and felt "even more Mexican by drinking mezcal". The following year, the three friends bought a disused building in Santiago Matatlán, the world capital of Mezcal. With a lot of patience, work and love, they breathe new life into the operation, making sure to respect artisanal codes. Production is now supervised by Maestra Mezcalera Karine Abad, who perpetuates the purest tradition of mezcal.

Handcrafted mezcal from Santiago Matatlán, in Oaxaca in southwestern Mexico. 100% Agave, specifically the Espadín variety, mezcal is produced from the heart of the plant which has grown for eight years on clay and loamy soils at 1600 meters above sea level, and which is then cooked wood-roasted conical fire-pits buried in the ground. This is where the smoky notes of mezcal come from. Then, they grounded in a stone mill pulled by the faithful Sansón, the distillery's horse! The extracted pulp ferments for eight days in 800-liter pine-wood vats, using indigenous yeasts only. Double distillation in 250-liter copper pot still. Bottled after resting in vats, this is a young mezcal, “joven” category.