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Squadron 303 - Vodka - 40° - 70 cl

Its raw profile, complex, with an attack of great sweetness, contrasts with the classic codes of vodka. The melted aromas progressively rise towards an aromatic "kick" both powerful and complex in the palate, which fades on brioche notes.

70 cl
Degree of alcohol
40 %
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Aromatic, ideal for "shots of glory", like those drunk by the pilots of the 303 squadron after their missions. Once on the ground, each "shot" drunk by the pilot represented the number of enemy planes shot down.
Nose, suave, cocoa
Palate: mellow, complex, biscuity.
Finish: long, brioche, almond.

SQUADRON 303 takes its name from a squadron of Polish pilots who fought for the Royal Air Force after the blitzkrieg invasion of their country in September 1939. Not speaking a word of English, these pilots were banned from flying missions until a training flight turned into a real air battle. During this fight, the Polish pilots shot down so many German planes that the RAF decided to assign them squadrons. From there, Squadron 303 became a legend. By the end of the war, Squadron 303 was the RAF squadron with the most air victories. Beyond their aerial combat skills, these flying aces also used to distill their own vodka on RAF bases. And to ensure that their vodka was consumed at the right temperature, they didn't hesitate to cool their homemade vodka at altitude by placing it in tanks hung under a Spitfire. The story does not say if it was from potatoes, anchored in the imagination as the basic ingredient of Polish vodkas. Still, Squadron 303 Vodka is produced from the King Edward variety, rich in starch that is conducive to the production of fermentable sugars. It is made in England, at the English Spirit distillery in Cambridgeshire, under the leadership of the master distiller John Walters. A small subtlety, the distillation takes place in vats (not continuously) but in a single pass. It is a hybrid system combining a copper still and a 4-meter high column with a particularly long distillation time, which allows to obtain an exceptional degree of purity, while preserving a naturally sweet nose and aromas. Unfiltered, it recalls its original universe: raw with taste, far from the usual standards of vodka. Perfectly balanced, Squadron 303 Vodka has a very smooth attack, a powerful "kick" in the palate, followed by a long brioche finish. Its founders, all long-time friends, have taken great care to respect its historical origins in every detail. As such, the unique design of the Squadron 303 Vodka bottle is directly inspired by the flasks of the RAF pilots. Superb.