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Alice & Olivier De Moor

Alice and Olivier Moore? No, De Moor... On Her Majesty (Mother Nature)'s Secret Service. Their wine comes to you "From Chablis With Love". These two "GoldenShears", veritable spearheads of change, are the parents of natural Chablis. The vines have been been cultivated organically since 2005 – the beginning of their operation "Thunderball". At their 7.5-hectare estate, including parcels planted in 1902, Alice and Olivier produce Chablis and Bourgogne Aligoté. Their efforts are above all focused on achieving impeccable ripeness, which allows them to hardly intervene during vinification. Their philosophy? "Live and Let Live". Alice explains: “Rather than sitting back and enduring whatever comes, or worse seeking to control everything, we step back, give the wine space, and help it along its way”. Their wines are terribly difficult to find – "The World Is Not Enough"! But, "For Your Eyes Only", they are here at last at Pur Jus. Authentic Chablis, fruit of their joys and sufferings, truly these "Chablis Are Forever".

Alice & Olivier De Moor
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