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Jacques Février

Jacques Février: “I used to be a sommelier, but it was during a sabbatical in Australia in 2009 that one day I realized I was going to become a vigneron, while working with Anton Van Klopper, the great artist of Australian natural wine. I went to Alsace to receive training, during which I interned with Polo (Paul Gillet - Les Maisons Brulées). We got along immediately, we loved the same kinds of wines. Various experiences followed here and there, but my wife and I being originally from Brittany, we wanted to return closer to home. Finally we found an estate in Oudon (between Nantes and Angers), whose grapes at the time were only going to make négotiant wines – 6 hectares planted with 6 grapes (Gamay, Abouriou, Cabernet Franc, Melon de Bourgogne, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon), all of it farmed conventionally (with chemical treatments, etc.…). But bit by bit, we’ve restored the estate, converting it to organic farming with Nature et Progrès. The area we’re in is very dynamic, and we created the association "Pinard et Jus" with 7 natural winemakers. We hold little wine fairs, and support one another. For me, that’s also what natural wine is about – a group of winemakers sharing a philosophy, working together. It feels good to be part of this rising tide of solidarity.” 

Jacques Février



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