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Gian Marco Antonuzi

Gian Marco Antonuzi and Clémentine Bouvéron live in Gradoli, 150 km north of Rome. Clémentine studied oenology and Gian trained under such renowned vignerons as Barral and Pacalet. The young couple settled here in 2004 and started their estate from scratch, the land uncultivated but for a grove of olive trees abandoned for the last 20 years – good news when one doesn't want to inherit another grower's history of pesticide use in the soil. They began by planting 3 hectares of vines, and haven't stopped growing since. Meanwhile, sourcing grapes from other vignerons was essential to maintaining financial stability. Today, the estate is spread over 14 hectares of vines and fruit trees, with their grove of olive trees now producing a fine olive oil... The estate makes for a striking portrait: a rolling landscape, perched at 450 metres altitude, overlooking the lake Bolsena, a geologically recent formation (around a million years old) of volcanic origin. Here the viticultural approach is natural, an extension of a balanced, diversified approach to farming that our ancestors once employed on their estates. The secret of this couple is quite simple in the end: they have the perfect blend of talent and sun!

Gian Marco Antonuzi
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