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Maya Sallée et Nicolas Fernandez

Maya Sallée ans Nicolas Fernandez from La Calmette Estate embodies Cahors' resurgence. After graduating from their agronomist studies in Toulouse, they've travelled all around the world and pilled up about 15 years worth of winegrowing knowledge by themselves, as they went to Uruguay, the Mouton-Rotschild Vineyard and the Opus One Estate, passing by Mexico and New Zealand as well as the Château Margaux and... Lionel Gauby! In other words, eclectic journey that brings Maya and Nicolas to incrementally wish to create their one vineyard or not. Their searches were focused gathered on the South-West and in 2015, their encounter with Fabien Jouves was decisive. After tasting Fabien's wines, they are convinced that the Causse's terroir, especially the Trespoux-Rassiels' soils, are suitable for a definition of each parcel. The challenge is on! In 2016 La Calmette's first vintage is successful! From the next vintage on, they farm and vinify 7 hectares, using the organic and biodynamics principles. Some cuvées already largely praised.

Maya Sallée et Nicolas Fernandez
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