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Brice Omont

Brice Omont, today in his thirties, has created a cru in the mountainside, albeit "with a little help". In the 1990s, they started cutting back the forest, rebuilding the ancient terraces and planting grapes anew... and so was born one of the most world’s most unique vineyards, the Coteau de Cevins. The early years were difficult indeed, but this was an immense human undertaking: 12 passionate business partners supported the entire mad project. They would have to wait 15 years for the first harvest profitable harvest... Today, they talk about Brice throughout Savoie region and beyond. His wines are of the highest quality. The estate now is made up of several parcels over 13 hectares and produces around 45 000 bottles. About 30 000 come from parcels leased on the commune of Saint-Pierre-de-Soucy, and are more immediately accessible than the wines from the Coteau de Cevins, which are more complex, richer, and need to spend some time in your cellar to reach their full aromatic potential. All of the cuvées carry the name of the soils on which the grapes were grown. Certain parcels grow on up to 60% slopes! Which makes working in the vines difficult, to say the least. Originally biodynamic, the estate is now cultivated organically.
Brice Omont



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