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Gin Gunpowder Sardinian Citrus Ceramic Bottle - Drumshanbo

A nose of great freshness carried by citrus fruits. The palate is lively, tonic, sapid, finely acidulous and long. To be enjoyed on a terrace with a very good tonic when the sun comes out, or try a surprising pairing with fresh fish starters!

70 cl
Degree of alcohol
43 %
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An Irish Gin produced in Drumshanbo. Distillation takes place in a traditional copper still, during which eight botanicals are added: juniper berries, coriander and caraway seeds, angelica and iris roots, star anise, cardamom and meadowsweet. Next, the citrus fruits and tea are added to the Vapour basket; Gunpowder tea, lime, grapefruit and a special Sardinian citrus, that gives a novel expression to this gin. Indeed, when Rigney came upon the rustic Sardinian country village of Siniscola, he was introduced to the ‘Sa Pompia’ or citrus monstruosa, that happened to perfectly melt and enhance the exotic aromas and flavors of the Drumshanbo gin. Short aging before bottling. This is a London Dry Gin, with no added sugar.

PJ Rigney created The Shed Distillery in Ireland, in Drumshanbo, after numerous peregrinations and initiatory journeys, from China to Morocco via India and Macedonia, Romania and Cambodia. With his many olfactory and gustatory discoveries, he then decided to merge the oriental botanicals of his travels with those of his native Irish lands. A dream come true, a contemplation at the crossroads of two worlds, symbolized by a mysterious and wonderful creature on each of the bottles. A "jackalope", the mythological progeny of a jackrabbit (not a real rabbit) and an American antelope (not a real antelope). It's no wonder the jackalope has come to symbolize all that is remarkable about Drumshando's Gunpowder Irish Gin. Two disparate cultures and traditions brought together in a singular flash of inspiration.