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Minimal sulphites


Chuck Barrick - 2023 - Stéphane Morin

Domaine Léonine

A nose of black fruits, with hints of liquorice... The palate: great freshness, softness, eminently smooth, this is pure grape juice, but better! Too easy to drink... guaranteed pleasure!

75 cl
Original features
Vin de France
Degree of alcohol
12.5 %
To drink from
2023 to 2024

VAT included

100% Syrah for this 2023 vintage, as the Grenache vines have sadly burned in August... From 15-year-old vines planted on a .65-ha parcel in Saint-André, with soils of granitic sands, farmed organically. The grapes were harvested by hand, followed by carbonic maceration for 10 days, in whole clusters, 6 weeks of maturation in barrels that have seen several wines, with the juices always moved by gravity. Bottled early, it's a primeur!, with less than 1 gram of sulphur added during racking.

Stéphane Morin

Stéphane Morin

Stéphane Morin is a photographer in the Pyrénées-Orientales department who took up the challenge of making his own wine. As a neo-vigneron, Stéphane underwent viticultural training in 2005 in Rivesaltes, where he would make an important acquaintance: that of Jean François Nicq. Through him, Morin discovered natural wine... Quickly, this former photographer with a sensitive eye became...

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