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Absinthe La Botaniste - Awen Nature

A powerful and herbaceous absinthe with notes of mint, fennel, dried herbs... The palate is fresh, Absinthe La Botaniste is the perfect way to rediscover this once forbidden spirit, low bitterness and a long finish on aniseeds aromas.

70 cl
Degree of alcohol
60 %
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Absinthe created and distilled exactly the same way as before the 1915 ban. Produced from organic wheat distillate, maceration of botanicals (wormwood, anise, coriander, hyssop, lemongrass, fennel, lemon balm, star anise, angelica, mint, calament, wild thyme) for 48 hours before single distillation in a still pot. The color comes from the hemp which enters the blending after distillation.

A few words from the distillery: "To fully appreciate it, we recommend the traditional method: in a glass containing one dose of Absinthe, place a sugar on an Absinthe spoon and run cold water drop by drop over your sugar. On contact with water, Absinthe becomes slightly cloudy to reveal dazzling creamy white reflections."

Awen Nature is an artisanal distillery established in Brittany (North West of France) since 2013, which produces natural spirits from organic alcohol. Ode to the plant kingdom, Awen Nature is part of a poetic and Celtic universe, in harmony with its environment, draws its inspiration from traditions while being anchored in its modernity, for a high-flying result in the bottle.