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Sulphites-free wine


Foufou'nette - Julien Altaber


Powerful, complex, racy nose of pear, citrus, apricot, cardamom... Palate: fine, abundant bubbles, a very fresh, taut, lively and fruity pet' nat'. Perfect for each and every occasions.

75 cl
Original features
Vin Mousseux
Degree of alcohol
11.5 %
To drink from
2023 to 2027

VAT included

100% Aligoté from young vines grown organically on clay-limestone soils, this cuvée is produced thanks to grapes bought from winemakers who share the same values. Harvested by hand. Vinification: note the absence of apricot in this vintage, unlike previous years. This is a more "classic" natural sparkling wine: fermentation starts in vats, the juice is bottled with residual sugars in order to create the effervescence in bottle. This cuvée is not disgorged, not fined or filtered. Zero added sulphur.

Julien Altaber

Julien Altaber

Julien Altaber is a well-known name among natural Burgundy wines. And with good reason, the man has already proven himself. Originally from Auvergne and the son of a dairy farmer, nothing predestined him for the vine. His life took another turn during his studies at a business school specialized in wine. He did not have a true passion for marketing, Julien actually wanted to become a...

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