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8 ans - Rhum Pixan

Complex and toasted nose, characteristic of the long aging, with notes of caramel, coffee, spices, vanilla, exotic fruits, like an impression of banana flambe... The palate is accessible, pleasant, delicate, velvety finish.

70 cl
Degree of alcohol
40 %
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Rum produced from sugar cane grown in Mexico, it is a molasses rum (when heating the sugar cane, we have on the one hand the sugar and on the other hand the molasses, this residue from the production of cane sugar, a dark liquid, concentrated in sugars and aromas). The molasses is fermented before going through a double distillation in a column still (or Coffey still). After distillation, the rum is aged for eight years in old American oak barrels.

Pixan is a young distillery founded in 2015 by Francisco Barrenechea and Sergio Valles, and is settled in Monterrey, in northeastern Mexico. In a country where tequila reigns supreme, you have to be resolutely passionate to take on the challenge of rum! This is the case of our duo, lately joined by Diego Martinez, who grew up in an agricultural region highly influenced by Mayan culture, became a chemical engineer and a real spirits buff. He is now Pixan's master distiller. In the Maya culture, Pixan (or Pishán) literally means “spirit that gives life”; and Pixan is a rum full of subtleties that awaken the senses and nourish the spirit.